This weekend is the Route 66 Marathon
The Hubbo and I are signed up for the 5k on Saturday and the Half on Sunday.
We are seriously under-trained (we did it to ourselves) so we'll be taking it super easy and just enjoying our time out on the course. Beer stop? Sure! Jello Shot on Riverside? You know it! 

This is going to be a fun, busy, crazy, packed weekend and I couldn't be more excited about it! Keep reading to see what all I have going on this weekend. You know, besides the race.

The Bloggers Panel

PictureTalking about blogs and running and stuff...
I'm really excited to announce that I'll be a part of the Route 66 Bloggers panel again this year! Last year was so much fun! 

This year at the Route 66 expo there will be two bloggers panels. They have one on Friday at 5:15 and one on Saturday at 3:00. They are both 45 minute sessions.

I'll be on the Friday panel. So feel free to come by, listen to me talk running and blogging, and watch my face turn red when I embarrass myself. #NotKidding

Here is a link to see all of the bloggers for both Friday and Saturday. https://rt66run2015.sched.org

Volunteering at the Expo

PictureWorking hard last year at packet pickup!
I took Friday off from work so The Hubbo, my friend Amber, and I could all volunteer during the day at the Expo. I'll be helping at the packet pickup table from 1:15 - 4:30. 
I did the same thing last year and had a blast. 

Here's a link to the participant guide that can help answer a lot of questions about the race. http://route66marathon.com/2015/11/2015-participant-guide-available-online/

If you aren't running the race or just have some free time this weekend, I know they are still in need of volunteers for all days of the event. You can see a list of openings here. 
Route 66 does a great job at taking care of everyone during the event, volunteers too! I can say so from experience. This year volunteers get a shirt, a medal, goodie bag, and an invite to the Volunteer After party. 

Touring Tulsa

PictureJust running a half with George! NBD!
My good buddy, George, is coming to Tulsa all the way from Las Vegas just for the race! This will be our third half and third state to run together. 

We are planning to take him to see some Tulsa favorites like the Golden Driller. He doesn't know it yet, but we are also going to take him to the Center of the Universe! George, if you are reading this, Surprise! :)

We'll take him around downtown Tulsa to see some of the Art Deco buildings we have too. 

Tulsa Friends, where do you take your out-of-town guests to give them the best Tulsa experience? 

Leave a comment!
Where else should we take George so he can see the sights of Tulsa?

PictureBasic corral selfie
On Saturday the Hubbo and I completed our 4th Tulsa Run. This race has been a Tulsa tradition or 38 years now. But it wasn't always my favorite. If you recall, last year I ran this race and then wrote this open and honest recap about my experience. If you didn't read it, I'll summarize it for you.
Not pretty.
Fast forward to this Spring when a mystery package showed up at my house. It was from the Race Director (RD) who saw my review on Bibrave.com and wanted correct an issue I had with my shirt, so he sent me a new one. I was immediately impressed and took him up on his offer to meet up and discuss the race. 

After that meeting, I knew I had to give the Tulsa Run another chance. You can read more details about our meeting here.

Disclaimer: I received an entry into the Tulsa Run thanks to Bibrave's BibRavePro ambassadorship. You can learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro & check out BibRave.com to find and write race reviews. As always, all opinions, typos, and silly pictures are my own.

Disclaimer #2: I had already decided to give the Tulsa Run another chance based on my conversation with the RD before Bibrave had officially partnered with the Tulsa Run and I received an entry into the race. 

If you are one of those people who just likes a quick rundown of a race recap here you go! If not, keep reading below for pics and a full recap.

  • Pre-race communication = Great, lots of emails
  • Packet Pickup/Expo = Super Easy and Quick
  • Medal = Totally awesome
  • Bib = Super Cute
  • Water Stops = Plenty of stops, plenty volunteers, plenty of water!
  • Post-Race Food = Fun pre-made snack box! 
  • Shirt = One of the best ones I've received yet
  • Finish line = No problems! 

The Medal

I ALWAYS start my recap of the races with the medal because it's my favorite part of the race. 
I am loving the medal this year for a few reasons. 
1. It's the first medal that I have that is a sun catcher
2. It also glows in the dark!
3. It's bigger than the other Tulsa Run Medals
4. The race landed on Halloween so it's Halloween themed and I LOVE Halloween!

The Course

The course this year was very similar to last year's course. Since it didn't change much I knew what to expect. Hills, rolling Tulsa, hills.
The Hubbo and I have really slacked off on our training so we knew this would be a challenge. But we went in with a plan to do a run/walk combo for the race including walking most of the hills and it wasn't too bad. I think knowing what to expect really helped make this course not feel as difficult this year. Last year it was sort of a shock to the system after running a relatively flat course the first two years.

The Shirt

The Tulsa Run shirt curse has been lifted!!!!!!
For the first three years I ran this race there was something wrong with my shirt each time. Which is partly what prompted the RD to send me a new on this Spring. But this time I picked up this super awesome shirt and it is perfect! No more shirt curse! 

The bib is really cute too!

Water Stops/Post-Race Food

Last year there were issues with the water stops, water at the finish line, and the post-race snacks.
I'm very happy to report that was not the case this year.
We had plenty of water stops and for the first time since I've started running this year, they had electrolytes on the course. Hello Gatorade! 
Last year one water stop and the finish line ran out of water. This year the RD promised that would not happen again and the Tulsa Run team did not disappoint! 

When we crossed the finish line a volunteer handed me a nice cold bottle of water, each water stop was fully stocked and ready to go, and at the finish line I was handed a pre-packed box of snacks and on my way to meet up with my friends. It was so nice and easy. I really hope they keep the snack box idea again next year. 

What's in the box?!?

Overall Experience

PictureSarah, Heath, Laura, and Cassie!
Even though the Hubbo and I were under trained and I got my slowest 15k time (we did it to ourselves) I still had a great time at the Tulsa Run. The weather was great, the costumes were awesome, and everything that went wrong last year was vastly improved this year. I even got to meet up with some fellow BibRavePros before the race and we briefly chatted with the RD! 

Question! Have you ran a 15k before? Have you ever raced in a costume?

PictureI can see daylight under both feet!
First, before I begin my review, can we talk about the awesomeness that is this picture? It's the VERY FIRST running picture I have with both feet OFF THE GROUND! I'm pretty sure it was because the tights had my legs feeling so good! 
OK, now on with our regularly scheduled blogging. 

 I received a pair of 2XU Compression tights thanks to Bibrave's BibRavePro ambassadorship. You can learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro & check out BibRave.com to find and write race reviews. As always, all opinions, typos, and silly pictures are my own.

Thanks to Angie's review, I figured out I was saying 2XU wrong. I was saying 2-X-U.
But really, the proper way to say it is, 2 Times You! Clever. 


I don't want to spend a lot of time telling you about the technology that is in these compression tights. The website can do that for me. I want to tell you about how I felt when I first put these on. 
A few weeks ago, here in Oklahoma, we finally had a cool enough Saturday that I could wear these on a run and from the moment I put them on, my legs just felt good. They hugged my legs in a nice and supportive way and when I first put them on my legs instantly felt an improvement in circulation. It's hard to explain that first feeling. My legs just felt alive and ready to hit the path. Clearly they were because I had my first ever both-feet-off-the-ground at the same time pic!  
I will say, that like any compression wear, getting these babies on for the first time took a little work. But hey, that's more calories burned right? ::Insert winky smiley face here:: 

I also wore these during the Tulsa Run yesterday for my longest run in them, 9.3 miles. 
Typically after a race I have the dreaded leg pain about 10 minutes after I stop running. It feels like all the blood in my body is trying to drain down into my feet and it's awful. I noticed a vast improvement in the feeling while wearing these after the race! Any product that can reduce the pain of a hard race has me hooked! 


One difficult part about ordering any type of running gear online is that you never know how sizing works. That being said, I definitely wanted to include my sizing experience in the blog. 1. Because I agonized over what size to order for at least 15 minutes and 2. I know I'm not the only one who does that. Right? Please tell me I'm not alone? KThanks! 

The sizing chart found on the website is pretty true to fit in my opinion. It's a typical find your height and find your weight and see what size that you land in. If you land in a small, order a small, if you land just barely in the medium, order the medium.  I was borderline between sizes. Ugh! Agony ensued. (Not kidding) But I went with where my current height/weight combo landed me and I am really happy with the fit. 


One of the perks of being involved with BibRave is that often when I get to try new products, they come with a discount code for my blog readers.

I've heard this discount code is also good on sale items as well and it doesn't have a limit on uses so stock up, get your Christmas shopping done, and enjoy! Click here to start shopping. Use code: Bibrave20 to save 20%

Other 2XU Products

Really quick I wanted to give you a quick rundown of the other products they have in case you don't feel like you need full tights.
  • Compression Sleeves
  • Shirts
  • Compression Shorts
  • Jackets/Vests
  • Socks
  • Bras
  • Hats
  • Bags

What are others saying about these compression tights?

A handful of my fellow BibRavePros also had the opportunity to try these tights out. Check out their reviews below.
The Tulsa Run is this weekend! 
This will be my fourth year participating in the event, but in case this is your first time, I wanted to give you a heads up of what to expect.

Here's a quick rundown of what this blog is about:
  • The Expo
  • The Costumes
  • Th Weather
  • The Course
  • The Pacers

The Expo

The expo is located in downtown Tulsa at the Cox Business Center in Exhibit Hall C.
The expo runs Thursday from 4pm to 8pm and Friday from 8am to 8pm. 
This expo is a smaller expo. There are a handful of vendors there but mostly the main purpose is to pick up your bib, timing chip, and tech shirt.

Click here for more information.

The Costumes

Each year the race lands pretty close to Halloween so a lot of runners dress up. This year the race is actually on Halloween so I expect a lot more runners to be in costume and I love it! 

I've seen a group of ladies dressed up as Mini Mouses, The Flintstones, The Addams Family, super heroes, and tons more. 

The Weather

The weather for the race this weekend isn't looking too great. The forecast is calling for rain. Boo! 
I'm planning on taking a rain poncho or a trash bag to wear. I've never invested in a nice running rain jacket. Times like these it makes me wish I had, but oh well. Trash bag lady it is! 

The Course

The course starts and ends in downtown Tulsa. 
We know the course will be hilly as a lot of Tulsa is. 
On the course the RD has ensured that they won't run out of water by utilizing a new water distribution system. Also for the first time since I've been running the race, they are going to have electrolytes on the course in the form of Gatorade. (See pic below)
At the finish line, we'll collect our medals and a prepackaged box of post-race snacks.

The Pacers

The Tulsa Run offers a group of pacers to help runners reach their time goals. They have pacers completing the race in 1 hour and at varying increments until 2 hours. I personally know about a third of the pacers and can personally vouch for their awesomeness! 
You can view a full list of pacers here.
If I know anything about runners, I know these things:
  • We like to buy a lot of running gear
  • We like to run a lot of races
  • Gear + Races can add up and get expensive
  • We LOVE a good discount whenever possible!

Right? Thought so. Today I'm doing a round up of current discount codes for running gear and races so you can save some cash! Also - I have a permanent discount page at the top of my blog that I try to keep updated. 

I hope you enjoy the savings! 

Race Discounts

Tulsa Run 15k or 5K
Tulsa, OK

Date: October 31st, 2015
Last day to register online: October 28th, 2015
Code: Bibravetr
Savings: $5

Honolulu Marathon
Honolulu, HI

Date: December 13, 2015
Savings: 20% Of

Drumstick Dash
Milwaukee, WI 

Date: November 26, 2015
Use this link: https://raceroster.com/5049 
Savings: 10% off

Sin City Shootout - 5k, 10k, Double your Luck 
Las Vegas, NV

Date: January 17, 2016
Code: BibRave20 (Valid until 1-16-16)
Savings: 20% off

F3 Half Marathon & 5K 
Chicago, IL 
January 23, 2016
Code: BIBRAVEHALF $6 off the Half Marathon
                                                                           Code: BIBRAVE5K $5 off the 5k

Sedona Marathon - Full, Half, 5K, 10K
Sedona, AZ
February 6, 2016
Code: bibrave16 
Savings: 20% off - expires 1/31/16

Hot Chocolate Chicago 
Chicago, IL 
November 8, 2015
                                                                               Code: BibRaveChi 

First Responders Half Marathon
Waco, TX
November 29, 2015
Code: BIBRaveRocks 
Savings: 10% off
Website: https://events.com/r/en_US/registration/first-responders-half-marathon-waco-november-1093

Running Gear Discounts

Savings: 20% off, no limit on uses!


Code: RGR25
Savings: 25%

Code: XX2iRocks 
Savings: 50% off
Website: www.xx2i.com

Orange Mud
Savings: 15% off 
Website: http://www.orangemud.com/products/thewrap?variant=267603348

Website: https://www.wigwam.com/
Discount Code: 10-WG615BR
                                                                   Savings: 15% off and free shipping
                                                                   Expires 10/31/15

Everyone once in a while a few things pile up that aggravate me and I always think to myself that I should blog about it. I typically don't do a lot of rantings on the blog, but today I thought I'd share some. You know, just for kicks and what not. Some of these are running related some are not. Do you agree or disagree with any of these?

1.  Runderwear
I can't stand this term at all. I don't understand why female runners wear these things. Are they comfortable? Do they really make that big of a difference in your race or your final time? Why don't men wear tight booty shorts when they run? I just can't. My thighs just can't either.

2. Carb Loading vs Carbo Loading
To me, carb loading is the right way to say that. Carbo just has too many syllables. Carb loading just rolls off the tongue so much nicer in my opinion. What do you say?

3. People not sharing the trail
There are a couple different running paths the Hubbo and I run on regularly and it never fails. We'll pass a group of runners/walkers or whatever and they will be taking up the ENTIRE PATH! You can't walk 5 people wide! You must allow space for people to use the path on both sides! There have seriously been times when the Hubbo and I had to step off the trail to allow for a group of people coming the other way to pass. Had we not moved, we would have just collided. Share the trail people and move over when others are coming the other way!

4. People who park like assholes
If YOUR tire is in MY parking spot when you park you'r car, you're doing it wrong! Not only did you just park like an asshole, but you put your car and my car at risk. There's a place that I park regularly and the same car has been parking next to me after I've parked and EVERY SINGLE TIME, their tire is over the line! When I come out to leave, I have to ninja my way out so I don't hit them and I don't mess up my car.
One of these days I'm going to leave a note...

5. Click Bait Websites
I hate it when you are on Facebook creeping along and you see an article that sounds interesting so you click it.
Then you try to read it and for every sentence, picture, or even a small part of an article you have to click to the next page. But when you go to the next page there is only a small part of the article and 1 million ads! Yes, 1 million! 
It's just a marketing ploy to keep you on the website longer and to make you see more ads. Marketing companies, that's lame! Stop it! 

It's YOUR Turn! What's been bothering you lately?

If all goes according to plan the medal and shirt in the picture will be added to my collection on Halloween later this month. That's right, I'm running the Tulsa Run again this year.

I know, I know! I can hear some of you thinking right now "Isn't that the race you said you'd never do again?"

Yes, yes it is. But let me explain. (You can read my post from last year here.)

My recap from last year was definitely an open and honest recap of my experience. But, I've learned a very valuable lesson as a runner/blogger. There are two sides to every story. Luckily for me, I have this blog to share mine. Unlucky for race directors, they typically don't get to share their experiences.

In April, I came home from work to a mystery package in the mail. It was addressed to me from an office in downtown Tulsa. I was so confused at first but when I opened it, I found a Tulsa Run shirt from last years race. I also found a hand written note from the race director. He had read my review on Bibrave and noticed my comment about my Tulsa Run Shirt Curse and sent me a replacement one! I was immediately impressed with his effort. No race director has ever reached out to me personally to correct something that was wrong. I follow a lot of run blogs and read a lot of race recaps and you just don't hear about things like that. 

In the note it also said he would like to discuss the race with me so I emailed him and we set up a tie to meet at a local Starbucks. We spent a little over an hour discussing what happened and what they are doing to fix the problems from last year so they won't be repeated this year. 

Here's a quick rundown of issues/updates.

  • Last year they ran out of water at water stops on the course.
This year they have invested in HUGE water station systems and the RD feels more than confident that they won't run out of water with this new system. I had the chance to see it at the Tulsa Run kick off and I agree, it should be more then enough.

  • They haven't had electrolytes on the course in the past.
This year they will have Gatorade on the course! 

  • They ran out of water at the finish line last year.
Turns out, someone had locked the keys to the Pepsi truck that was full of bottled water for the finish line in the truck! They ended up tossing a young man over the truck so he could help get everything unlocked and get more water at the finish line. This year more than one set of keys will be handy. :) 

  • The post-race food at the finish line was less than impressive last year.
This year they have partnered with another company and everyone will receive a box lunch type set up as they walk through the finish line. No waiting on people to fill a plate, no bagel crumbs, just grab your box of food and go. This is similar to what huge races like the Nike Women's Half Marathons do to keep the crowd moving post-race. 

So after meeting with the RD in April we've kept in touch here and there over the summer and I'm really impressed with the effort he and his team are putting into the race. After our initial meeting at Starbucks I had already made up my mind that I need to give this race another shot. So I am.

Later this summer I also found out the the Tulsa Run has partnered with BibRave to be a partner race so I've had to opportunity to share a discount code with all of you.

Bibravetr will save you $5 off the 5k or 15k.

After learning about what went down "behind the scenes" last year and hearing about all the effort for improvements they are making this year, I've decided to give the Tulsa Run another shot. 

The race is on Halloween this year and I'm thinking I want to wear a costume! What should my costume be this year? I'm taking votes, leave a comment below and give me some ideas! 

Question! Have you ever given a race a second chance after a not great experience?

Hello Running Buddies!

Do you remember me? I don't blame you if you are looking at the screen, scratching your head, and wondering when the last time you heard from me was. 

For those of you really wondering that, it was early July! Crazy.

This summer has absolutely flown by (everyone says that) and a lot has happened at the RGR house. No one event or reason has kept me from blogging though. I simply needed a break.

For those who just want a short list of what this Ginger has been up to the last few months, here you go!

  • My last race was in April
  • I took the rest of April, all of May and June off from running
  • In May, I left my job of 8 years
  • In June, I quit my new job
  • In July, I started another new job
  • Also in July I spent two weeks in Wisconsin for training for my new job
  • In Aug/Sept I've been working on obtaining all the required certifications for my job
  • We've been focusing less on running and more on adventure
  • Remodeling the RGR House
  • We decided to be Vegans for 90 days. One more month! 

For those who want a little more detail, keep reading.

Running Update

I'm going to be real honest right up front. Running has taken a back seat to all the other things going on in my life.
In the Spring I made it clear that I was experiencing some burn out and I think that contributed to my lack of blogging as well.
The burn out is still there. We are still running though. Kind of.
We are signed up for two races this fall. The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run in October and the half at the Route 66 Marathon in November. 

I know that some of you are confused as to why I'm running the Tulsa Run again. I have an entire blog dedicated to that. There is a lot to fill you in on. Stay tuned.

We have changed our training and we pretty much run on our own, just me and the Hubbo mostly with a few runs with friends every once in a while.

We don't run 4 times a week anymore, we run 2-3 times a week. We don't really even use our Garmin watches either. I'm really trying to find a balance with running that doesn't leave me with a feeling of burn out. We try to go on a walk 1-2 times a week for some exercise and I'm enjoying that for now too.

New Job(s) Update

In May, I resigned from my job at the College that I held for over 8 years. I guess you could say that that burn out feeling wasn't only affecting my running life. It was a hard choice to make to leave because I had a lot of really good friends and I was comfortable there, but I was really ready for a change. I knew I needed to move on in December when I was in my annual review with the CEO and I was trying to convince myself that I still had the "in it to win it" type attitude. I didn't. 
It became VERY clear when we went to Hawaii to run the Honolulu Marathon and I was laying on the beach and I seriously didn't want to come home. I know no one wants to leave from vacation, but I seriously looked at houses for sale in Hawaii and looked for jobs while we were hanging out on the beach one afternoon. 

So. I took a job with a PR company and that didn't last long at all. #JobFail  It wasn't exactly what they portrayed in the interviews and every day that I went to work I found out more and more that made me realize it was not the job for me. The last and final straw was that I found out after I completed the training program it would require me to relocate in order to continue on the path they presented in the interview. Well they FORGOT to tell me the relocation part in the interview process! That is a big deal breaker for me right now, so I left.

So I spent most of June off work and job hunting. I got very lucky and through some networking and interviewing I was able to get another job that I started on July 1. So far things are going great at my new job and I'm almost done obtaining all the required certifications I need.

Adventure Update!

You guys! This summer I marked something off my bucket list. We went Skydiving! It was absolutely AMAZING and TERRIFYING all at the same time.
The Hubbo and I have talked about doing it for a long time and we finally jumped out of the plane! 

Lately, I've been focused on having fun and trying new things. Over Labor Day Weekend, instead of going on a weekend getaway, we did a self-made local adventure weekend.

Here was our agenda:
  • Happy Hour with friends - Friday
  • Dinner with other friends - Friday
  • Tulsa Drillers Baseball Game + Fireworks - Friday
  • Skydiving - Saturday
  • Lunch with my parents - Saturday 
  • Ziplining at Post Oak Lodge - Sunday
  • Tulsa Roughnecks Soccer game +Fireworks - Sunday

Just a Ginger Zipin' through the trees!
Fireworks over Tulsa!
Safety First!

What's Next for RGR?

The Hubbo and I are in the process of finishing all the updates on our house. We've picked up some momentum and I really hope to be finished before the Route 66 Marathon in November. Then the plan is to put it on the market for sale in March/April/May of 2016. 

We've also been eating a vegan diet for the last 2 months. On August 1st we decided to do a self-imposed 90 day vegan challenge. So far it's going great! We partially decided to do it because my cholesterol is a little high. I'm happy to report that I had a blood test done this week and my cholesterol improved by over 20 points! 

As for running, I am not 100% sure what the future holds. We may back off from half marathons and focus on 5ks and 10ks or we may just run for fun when we feel like it. I'm really hoping that taking a break from it will help me enjoy it again.

Question! What have you been up to this summer?

PicturePhoto Cred: Mizuno Running
Hello Running Buddies! How is your summer going? I know I've been a little silent lately, but I'm getting back in the swing of things.
After my last race I decided I needed a running break. I guess that means I took a break from my blog as well. I'm slowly getting back in the swing of running and blogging and what better way to do both than with a new pair of shoes?

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Enigma 5 Mizuno Running shoes thanks to Bibrave's BibRavePro ambassadorship. You can learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro & check out BibRave.com to find and write race reviews. As always, all opinions, typos, and silly pictures are my own.
PictureShiny and new!
Before I get into my opinion of the shoes, let's cover some shoe specs/facts.

The Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 is:
  • A Neutral Shoe
  • 8.8 oz
  • Available for Men and Women
  • Available in 2 colors for men and 2 colors for women
  • New sock liner for shock attenuation 
  • Built for runners who are training for long distances
  • Retails for $149.99

My Experience and Opinion

I got lucky and my shoes arrived at my house about 2 hours before The Hubbo and I left for the weekend. Whew! I was starting to get nervous that they would arrive after we left and sit on my porch for several hours. But luckily, they arrived and got to go on our weekend get away with us to Kansas City.

I think my cat, Gypsy, was under the impression that Mizuno sent her a box to play with. She would not leave the box alone. Luckily, she decided I could keep the shoes as long as she could keep the box. Lucky me. :) 

My first impression of the shoes is that, like all shoes, I needed to adjust the laces to fit my foot. I like that they are snug on the back of my foot. I have weird shaped feet. I guess all feet are weird, but mine tend to be more narrow at my heel and wider across my toes. So to make these comfortable for me, I loosened up the laces around my toes and that left the back of my foot with a nice snug fit. The best part about this fit is that I don't get tiny rocks in my shoe like I have in the past because other shoes have been too big in the back by my heel. 
I do think they might run a tad bit narrower than some shoes, so keep that in mind as you are getting fitted for your shoes.

The other thing that I noticed when I put them on is that it immediately felt like I was walking on memory foam! So much cushion and yet still supportive at the same time. 
Here's the best way I can describe it. 

Have you ever worked in retail where you stand on your feet in the same spot for long periods of time and stood on that small black mat for extra cushion? The inside of this shoe feels like you are standing on that extra cushion when you first put them on. It's seriously the best feeling.

I'm a runner that picks comfort over fashion EVERY SINGLE TIME so this is huge for me. Huge!

I've had the chance to run in them 4 times and to wear them walking around all day twice. All 4 of my runs have been my typical 3.1 mile loop that has everything from dirt, pavement, to gravel on the trail. With each run they just keep feeling better and better. 

I like that the shoe is neutral and I like that it is super cushioned. If you want a pair of running shoes that feels like you are running on a cloud, this is the pair for you. The shoe retails for $149.99 which I feel is very typical for a running shoe. 

These are a few pics I took while trying out my shoes.

The picture with the blue tile was from when we were in KC. We were walking around downtown in the Power and Lights district and I kept seeing these cute blue tiles so out came the camera!

The two pictures of me where I'm on top of the wooden beam was my sad attempt at being a shoe model. I think I'll keep my day job. 

The last picture is when I realized that The Hubbo and I wear the same brand of shoes, I immediately had to document it with a picture because that's adorable.  He's been a Mizuno fan for over a year. I guess I'm the late one to the party.

Mizuno is hosting #Bibchat tomorrow night on Twitter. It starts at 8:00pm Central Time and runs for one hour. Rumor has it that they might be doing a giveaway! See you there!

Question! How many miles do you run in your shoes before you get a new pair? 250? 400? 500? To the moon and back?

PicturePhoto Cred: Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa
One week after I completed my last full marathon, The Hubbo and I ran another race here in Tulsa. The Golden Driller Marathon. Well, I ran the half and he ran the full. He's crazy! I opted for the half because I knew I would be sluggish from my full, but definitely wanted to be a part of the inaugural year. 

I'm really glad I opted for the half for a few reasons.
1. It got HOT HOT HOT that day. 
2. We had tickets to a 2:00 PM performance for the Phantom of the Opera and I wouldn't have finished a full marathon in time to go home and shower and get back to downtown Tulsa to see the show with my family.
3. I was just mentally over the full marathon distance.

And now, on to the recap!

The Medal

PictureFull Medal vs Half Medal
Y'all know I'm all about the bling! The one and only lure to running the full at this race is that their medal was bigger than the half medal. Which is the way it should be in my opinion. The bigger the effort, the bigger the reward! 
The Hubbo ran the full and I ran the half so we have both at home. 

I live in Tulsa and see our giant Golden Driller keeping watch over all of Tulsa all the time so this medal was a little more special to local people than it might be to other. That Golden Driller, he's famous you know! ;)

Here he is! Keeping watch over all of Tulsa!

Golden Driller Facts

Here are some fun Golden Driller Facts according to Wikipedia!
  • Born in 1953
  • The Golden Driller is 76 Feet Tall
  • He clocks in at 43,500 pounds
  • He's the fifth tallest statue in the US
  • He's worn a shirt, tie, shorts, and a kilt for various promotions


Parking was easy and free. The earlier you get there the better spot you could get like with any event. There really isn't a bad parking spot at this location. The race was kept small so there won't be overcrowding in the parking lot as well as on the course. Sitting in our car, we could easily see the start/finish line but also had easy access to leave too. 

The Course

Typically when a race is put on using the Riverside Trail system, it typically starts on the east side of the trail. There is a major construction project in Tulsa that should continue well into 2017, so most of the races have been shuffled over to the west side of the river. Which is a little more industrial in parts and less populated too.

The half marathon course had one hill that you went over twice since it is an out-and-back course. The first time you hit the hill at Turkey Mountain is the hardest. But at least you get that out of the way in the first 3-4 miles. The rest of the course is pretty flat. 

The full marathoners had a mind-numbing course. They did an out-and-back, with a couple out-and-backs mixed into the major out-and-back! Confused? Yes! Mind-numbing? Yes! Hopefully next year they can come up with a better full marathon course. So glad I didn't have to run that one. Poor Hubbo did though! 

The Swag

This is a small local race put on my my running club. It has the typical local race swag. 

Shirt. Check!
Medal. Check!
Bib. Check!
Post-race food and drinks. Check! 

My Results

I ran the first 6 miles with my buddy Tom and then we had to part ways because he was doing the full and I was doing the half. After I left Tom, I really started to crash. My feet hurt, I was hot, my Garmin quit around mile 7, and I was just mentally ready to be done. I think my experience was impacted more by my current running state. I've been feeling a little running burn out and my efforts show that. But I still finished, and for that, I'm excited! 

Time: 2:54:47
Division Place: 40 out of 49

This ended up being my slowest half to date. I'm not even mad! I was glad to be a part of the inaugural race in my hometown, glad to pick up some more bling, and glad to see my racing season wind down so I could give my body some much needed rest! 

Question! Have you ever been a part of an inaugural race?